Dawn RhodesEdit

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Dawn in Angel Wing Form


Personal Information
Name Dawn Arlyn Rhodes
Weight 120lbs
Height 5'6
Race Human (White)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Baby Blue
Date of Birth 11-03-2013 (23yrs)
Birth Place Velecity Falls, Colorado, USA, Earth
Gender Female

Affiliation Team 4
Active Deceased
Relationship Single
Family Sherry Rhodes, (Mother) Mikle Rhodes, (Father)  Jerome Rhodes (Brother)
Good or Evil Good

Strength 200
Endurance 225
Dexterity 175
Intellegence 300
Spirit 350
Damage 10000-15000
Defense 1800
Aim 465
Evasion 450
Universal Energy Attack 12000-19000
Universal Energy Defense 800-2000
Speed 690


Anime girl with blue hair

Dawn at age 10

When Dawn was at the age of 5 her parent's were killed in a car crash.

Fateful meetingEdit

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Dawn whenever she met Jordan.

In the year 2023, Dawn was living in Luciel City, with adoptive parents. One day Jordan came to town and was looking for people who could use Universal Energy.

Training for the big dayEdit

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Dawn at age 14

When news of The Meeting between the Masonic 12 members, Jordan sets out to find a team to train.

The moment they all trained forEdit

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Dawn after her 6 year training

6 years had passed since Dawn started training

The ending of an older generation and the birth of a new generationEdit

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Dawn inside the rocket about to take off.

Jordan has been killed by his son Madara. It is now up to Dawn to train Jordan's other two childeren Universal Energy. With the Masonic 12 out and about as well as Madara on the loose Dawn, Reese, and Jason, as well as Lloyd and Rinne board a rocket to another planet.

Training out of this worldEdit

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Dawn sword training with Rinne.

While on Mars Dawn decided to train Rinne in sword training they end up learning from one of the best Ace. They both have no experience.

Coming Back To EarthEdit

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Dawn returning to earth after her 5 year training.

Dawn's final battleEdit

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Dawn in Angel Wing Form

Dawn amazes everyone when she uses Uari Genesis Zyphrell to take on Lahar. being the main deciple of Jordan, he passed on Uari Genesis Zyphrell to her. although it is her first time using it she masterd it flawlessly. Lahar whom is number 4 of the Masonic 12 fights back visciously. Dawn enters Genesis mode to finish Lahar, however he turns into a gel type being entering Dawn through an open wound. Dawn's body becomes paralyed. as Rinne Lloyd and Jason rush toward her to try and save her. Lahar makes Dawn decapitate herself killing her.