Princess RinneEdit


Princess Rinne


Personal Information
Name Houki Rinne
Weight 105lbs
Height 5'2
Race Human (White)
Eye color Red
Hair Color Silver
Date of Birth 12-31-29,073BC (454yrs)
Birth Place Arteria Grand Palace
Gender Female

Affiliation Nine Nobel Clans; Rinne, Princess of Arteria
Active Deceased
Relationship Maried to Izaya Bekemeier
Family Sakura Rinne; Mother, Hatsuki Rinne; Father, Mesai Bekemeier; Son
Good or Evil Good

Strength 50
Endurance 45
Dexterity 100
Intellegence 290
Spirit 1050
Damage 125-250
Defense 95
Aim 150
Evasion 100
Universal Energy Attack 0
Universal Energy Defense 0
Speed 80

Princess of ArteriaEdit


Houki in her Princess outfit

Training for WarEdit


Houki with a single handed broad sword.

When The Holy wars Began she wanted to join her housband on the front lines, she trained with only a single sword.

A Death to End All of The Holy WarsEdit


Houki underneath a tree.

King Velic, King Thomas, and Queen Elis decided that they would end their crusade if Princess Rinne would kill herself, proving she didn't fear death and that their was a real God. Houki stabbed herself infront of millions, she decided to not tell her husband because she knew he would stop her. She did it to save the lives of thousands of people. When she was killed Izaya Seen her and rushed to her side. He never forgave himself for it and blamed himself for not being strong enough to protect her.

The Death of The First Universal Energy UserEdit


Izaya seeing his wife in white light before he dies.

After Izaya defeats Lucy his power he used created an inbalance with the earth. Tsunami's happened all across the globe, along with huricaines, Tornados, Thunder&Lightning, Earthquakes Heavy Tropical Storms Lava uprooting from the ground. All great cities and civilizations crumbled. Except a very few. At this time. 28,056BC Their were around three Million people on earth. After The Deluge, only a few Thousand people were left. Izaya Died due to fatigue as well as multiple hits to his body with Lightining and huge boulders. Before he passed on visions passed on through his head the last thing he seen was his wife Princess Rinne Whom died 602 years ago. His lasts words were. I may have failed Humanity but I can now be in Heaven with my Wife; See you soon Houki. Izaya Died with a smile on his face.