Picture of one being Controlled by Kotoamatsukami.


Kotoamatsukami is one of The Nine Forbidden Jutsus. When casted It gives the user the ability to take over and manipulate a person with concious. The user can control the persons movements, thoughts, and decisions. As it may seem to be a very over powered technique it does have it's limits. One must have a high amount of Universal Energy and take practice. In return for this great power the user loses their left eye. The technique can only last a maximum of ten minutes depending on the users of proficency.

It's CreatorEdit

The Creator of this Jutsu was none other the main vilian from Book: Two; King Alad. This technique has only been used three times.

Name Kotoamatsukami
Type Close Range; Forbidden Jutsu
Nature Dark
Level Vex or Higher

The User takes control of a being enabling them

to take over their mind and movements.

Users King Alad, Atum, Jordan Bekemeier
Cost Universal Energy as well as their left eye sight.