Elfen lied broken mask lucy by goxve-d31twrr

Picture of Lucy


Lucy is one of the Seven Beings of Chaos artificially created to bring destruction and eleminating all of mankind. She was sent down to earth as a mear child where she began living a normal life. Looking almost human one factor remained that she had horns sticking out of her head. This lead to everyone making fun of her and treating her like scum. Eventually Lucy had enough feeling so cold as well as alone she began her blood thirsty war against mankind. Lucy's philosophy was if she was able to eliminate all of mankind their would be no one left to make fun of her or treat her different.

Personal Information
Name Lucy
Weight 125lbs
Height 5'7"
Race Artificially Created Organism
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Dark Pink
Date of Birth 02-27-26,355BC
Birth Place Skylab
Gender Genderless

Affiliation The Seven Beings of Chaos
Active Deceased
Relationship In a Relationship With Bekemeier 
Family King Alad, Mustang, Alpachino, Abseino, Unknown, Satan
Good or Evil Evil

Strength 425
Endurance 400
Dexterity 1200
Intellegence 1000
Spirit 120
Damage 12,000-16,000
Defense 405
Aim 822
Evasion 752
Universal Energy Attack 22,000-56,000
Universal Energy Defense 5000-5443