Rinne BekemeierEdit

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Photo of Rinne.


Rinne Rae Bekemeier is the First daughter of Jordan Bekemeier and Erza Scarlet. She is 5'7" 142lbs, redish pink hair. Having her fathers personality and her mothers looks. Rinne is a very sweet girl. She likes to help others but isnt afraid to get her hands dirty. Her looks gets a ton of guys attention. She doesnt get a temper like her mom Erza. Born during The Demon army Arc she was always such a happy laughing child. When Erza would get mad at Jordan Rinne would laugh to defuse the situtation protecting her daddy. Rinne likes to read books, go on long romantic walks by the water. She trains just as hard as her brothers. Above all else Rinne highly respects her mother and father and loves them dearly. Rinne Became the leader of Team 4 after Dawn's death. 

Personal Information
Name Rinne Rae Bekemeier
Weight 142lbs
Height 5'7"
Race Human (White)
Eye Color Maginta
Hair Color Redish Pink
Date of Birth 10-02-2015 (20yrs)
Birth Place St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Earth
Gender Female

Affiliation Team 4
Active Deceased
Relationship In a Relationship with Simon

Jordan Bekemeier  "Father" Erza Scarlet "Mother"

Lloyd Bekemeier "Brother" Madara Bekemeier "Brother

Good or Evil Good

Strength 225
Endurance 205
Dexterity 474
Intellegence 980
Spirit 1000
Damage 3354-7200
Defense 400
Aim 415
Evasion 550
Universal Energy Attack 300-325
Universal Energy Defense 300-305


Learning to fightEdit


Picture of Rinne showing off her fire blade skill.

Rinne inherited her fire nature from her dad. Not only that but she also inherited her sword skills from her mother. Rinne loved her mother and father a lot she combines her flames to her sword symbolizing her mom and dad in unison. This is the Iconic Flaming Flegeburge Katana used to wound Unkown. Although her attack nearly defeats him it is still incomplete until her battle with Jellal.



photo of Rinne at age 5.

Rinne had a decent childhood. Except for the fact her father was rarely their to see them. Jordan was out traveling the world

Learning at a young ageEdit


Rinne at age 10

Rinne first began her school at age 10. Her mother Erza also began teaching her daughter how to use a sword. they discovered not only was she good but she had a fire element

Becoming a GeninEdit

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Rinne at age 12

Rinne finally became a genin.

The Journey To Find Their BrotherEdit

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Rinne at age 15

With her mother and father dead Rinne and her brother Lloyd set out on a journey to become stronger and find their older brother whom killed their mom and dad. 

The Fight To Save Everything, And Everyone.Edit

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Rinne at age 18.

RInne and her brothers Lloyd and Madara face off against Unkown. Unkown is one of the seven creatures but has more of a human type form. his power deals with force push type techniques as well as a variatiy of other ticky jutsu.

A Prodigy of The Sword ArtEdit - 67517 blue eyes hatsuko long hair pink hair red hair revolutionary girl utena shoujo kakumei utena sword tenjou utena weapon white

Rinne at 20 years old after Mastering Sword Art.

Rinne exceeds the swordsmanship of her mother Erza Scarlet. Her and Lloyd Bekemeier set off to find their brother. Eventually they meet. Madara Notes saying "She has become quite strong but still lacks the experiance in a real battle"