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Name Serene
Weight 134lbs
Height 5' 4"
Race Spirit Guardian/Zanpakuto (White)
Eye Color Emerald
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Date of Birth 11-09-1994 (35yrs)
Birth Place Inside The Soul Matrix of Jordan Bekemeier
Gender Female


Serene is a happy go loving spirit that lives inside of Jordan. Her name Serene means calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil. Serene has a slim petite body and stands at 5' 4". Serene's Race is a Spirit and sub race' is white. Her hair is silky soft platinum blonde and her beautiful eye color is emerald. She was born at the same time as Jordan on November, 9th 1994. Serene was born inside his Soul Matrix and remained there until the ending of book seven.  She loves Jordan very much and is part of his powers. Her presence isn't fully revealed until 'the The Legend of Bekemeier: Book Seven the final book. Her attacks are based on Light. ''''she ranks in one of The Ten Warriors of Horakhty.


Although Serene may look sweet and innocent she is an outstanding fighter and even a better swordsmen. When Jordan mediates to connect with her she always loves to engage him in combat most of the time. Three words to describe her are loving, random, and powerful. Do not let her cute looks and innocense fool you. Underestimate her and you will end up dead.

Strength 150
Endurance 800
Dexterity 220
Intellegence 100
Spirit 750
Damage 10,000-12,340
Defense 3500
Aim 1200
Evasion 1400
Universal Energy Attack 500
Universal Energy Defense 15,580

Affiliation The Ten Warriors of Horakhty
Active Desceased
Relationship Single
Family Jordan Bekemeier ; Other half.
Good or Evil Good


First time meetingEdit

IA-identity-angel 32093160-crop

Serene so blissful to meet Jordan for the first time.

It was in book four that Serene and Jordan first met. When Jordan was meditating he came across a voice that called out to him. He traveled to a certain part of his body within his mind when he finally came to a door. the door had a dot in the center and had 7 cirlces around it getting bigger and bigger.
The rinnegan by ren302-d50yi8j

Serene's Door.

When they met they talked and such. After this a sword appeared when he was done meditating. He was able to use her in sword form. However she never really talked and wasn't strong at all so he never really used her. Jordan relied on more of his jutsu's instead of his Zanpakuto. 

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The Great MachineEdit

The universe ultimate fighterEdit

Prologue The Revelation of OriginsEdit


Serene Holding The Zxios Staff, and wearing the Sun Warrior Battle Armor