Sophia LanceEdit

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Picture of Sophia.


Sophia Lance also know as Ace, is a character from The Legend of Bekemeier Book: Five. Most people call her by her nick name Ace. Ace recieved her nickname from being the top fighter in her class. She went to the same school as Erza Scarlet

Personal Information
Name Sophia Lynn Lance
Weight 121lbs
Height 5'5"
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Date of Birth 09-21-1997 (32yrs)
Birth Place Branson, Missouri, United States, Earth
Gender Female

Affiliation None
Active Decseased
Relationship Single
Family N/A
Good or Evil Good

Strength 205
Endurance 80
Dexterity 166
Intellengence 199
Spirit 305
Damage 5004-5502
Defense 183
Aim 250
Evasion 220
Universal Energy Attack 233-445
Universal Energy Defense 135-162

Hell's EnchantmentEdit

Black hair anime girl render by nekusan-d6pd712

Photo of Sophia with Hell's Enchantment.

During her battle with Abseino she realized she was not powerful enough to take him out. Sophia then asked Selby her if she knew any enchantments, without hesitating she chose the enchantment with great power but an ultimate cost. Hell's Enchanment is one of the Nine Fordbidden Jutsu. has three levels. The first level increases your Strength and speed. After a period of time passes the users overall power including speed and Intellegence doubles. The third level is death.