The Ten Warriors of HorakhtyEdit

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The Symbol representing the mark of someone part of the Ten Warriors of Horakhty.

The Ten Warriors of Horakhty is a list of individuals who have earned the title. Title rankings are 1 the strongest to 10 the weakest. This title is given out over the course of the seven books. Those with this title are part of a group that make up the strongest warriors in the universe. "There's not many like us because there aren't any like us. We who are the universe's strongest, will protect are friends family and loved ones. For we are The Ten Warriors of Horakhty!"
List of current members
First Serene
Second Jordan Bekemeier
Third Mavis Vermillion
Fourth Erza Scarlet
Fifth Minato Namikaze
Sixth Izaya Bekemeier
Seventh Dawn Rhodes
Eighth Riku
Ninth Sophia Lance